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Litigation / Expert opinion

With our many years of expertise, we represent you in IT disputes in court, in evidentiary proceedings, arbitration proceedings or in mediation.

Project escalation

The project threatens to escalate or has already escalated? But you would like to avoid court proceedings? We support you in the out-of-court negotiation.

Court proceedings

We have already conducted numerous court cases in IT law and will support you, gladly also in the context of a second opinion.

Evidence procedure

Would you like to have it determined whether the software corresponds to the target state? An evidentiary procedure can serve this purpose.

Mediation and arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are two different procedures that serve as alternatives to court proceedings. We explain advantages and disadvantages

Expert opinion

You can also commission expert opinions before court proceedings. We explain when this can make sense.

We are familiar with all stages of the project and will be happy to accompany you with our technical expertise

Our concern is that project escalation can be avoided. However, it can always happen that the contractual partners are no longer in agreement and feel unfairly treated.

However, before the whole issue has to be settled in court, there may still be levers and possibilities to solve the issue together. Sometimes a little tact and a lot of communication is enough.

If you need support, please feel free to contact us.

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