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Data protection and data security

We are your contact for all questions regarding data protection law. In addition to companies from the private sector, we also advise public-law companies (Eigenbetriebe) on all questions of data protection law, in particular on the examination of individual measures relevant to data protection law vis-à-vis customers, employees, in the online area, as well as on commissioned data processing by third parties (e.g. software service providers, office services), or on the preparation of contracts, internal guidelines, as well as employee training.

We work out data protection relevant contracts with you.

We train managing directors and board members as well as employees.

Employees need clear guidelines on how to handle personal data. We help you create internal guidelines.

In the event of a data protection incident, everyone should know what to do and what to observe. For this purpose, it is necessary to analyze possible risks in advance.

You have acquired expertise in an area and want to protect this knowledge? We advise you on the preparation of contracts and other agreements.

Contract review / preparation

In the area of data protection, there are always changes and adjustments, as proven by the last few years, in which the courts have had to deal more and more with the data protection regulations and have thus made specifications that were not always apparent at the beginning of the GDPR. Unexpected events, such as the declaration of a pandemic in 2020, also took the topic of the home office to a whole new level, which was also relevant in terms of data protection law. Provided that digitalization continues to progress, issues relevant to data protection will also lead to the extension or amendment of contracts under data protection law in the future. We support you in this process.


Employees are one of the most important factors in the company when it comes to the topic of data protection and data security. If employees are engrossed in their work, they do not fundamentally think about protecting the data they are processing. For this reason, it is important to remind them regularly. Regular announcements are not enough. Employees need training, where they may also place their questions and see example cases that remind them of their own work. Would you like to train yourself or your employees? Then please contact us. Together we can design the content of the training and discuss the process. We are flexible and design the training according to your wishes, on-site, online or in external premises.

Internal guidelines

Internal guidelines provide employees with a set of rules for handling data. The content of such a set of rules can include, among other things, regulations for behavior in the event of a data protection incident or in the home office. The internal guidelines help you as a company to fulfill your obligations in dealing with personal data, and the employees to have a reference work if they do not know exactly what to do, what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do.

Risk Management

You are required to take technical and organizational measures (so-called TOMs) if you process personal data or if you have company data that requires you to protect it from access by third parties. The measures you take depend on the level of protection the data requires. This requires risk management, in which you determine which TOMs you take and where. We support you.

Know-How / Secret Protection

If you process confidential information and company data, you need measures to protect this information and data. There are many constellations here that make corresponding agreements necessary, e.g. in the case of a departing or freelance employee or a contractual partner. We support you in the design and implementation.

Need help or to have your existing records reviewed for privacy compliance, just contact us.

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