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Contract preparation and consulting


In the field of IT law, there are various ways to fix agreements. We can clarify individually in the context of a consultation which kind of contracts are meaningful and should be concluded. Our extensive pool of sample contracts enables us to draw up contracts quickly and easily.

Software customization

Configurations and individualizations for the customer require a legally secure contractual agreement.

Standard software

The basis for configurations and individualizations is the respective standard software.

Free and Open Source

Even in this day and age, the wheel is not constantly being reinvented. However, there are several things to keep in mind when using open source software.

Human Resources

Further information on the subject of Human Resources can be found on an extra page. 


Cloud solutions are popular. The provision (usually a rental) and the associated services are usually not sufficiently considered in the contracts.


Do you also provide hardware?
Is the sale/lease and associated services neatly differentiated in your contracts?

Services / Work services

It is important to distinguish between services and work. Many IT companies unknowingly enter into contracts for work and services without being aware of the consequences.


Platform contracts through to webshop outsourcing are a comprehensive smorgasbord of contracts that need to be coordinated with each other.

Partner contracts

We provide further information in our webinars

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