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Module 1:
General contract law

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This webinar module 1 provides the basic knowledge for the other modules. It covers the contents of offer and acceptance declarations, working with general terms and conditions, formal requirements, the conclusion of individual agreements, the setup of contracts, questions on the subject of conflicting terms and conditions etc. On the subject of liability, we deal with the possibilities of limiting liability through service descriptions, contracts and insurance. We explain the contractual forms of purchase, lease, contract for work and services, the principles of warranty law and why the issue of warranty is usually misjudged in OnPrem systems. Furthermore, know-how protection, copyright and "license law" for software. We explain the options offered by the German Act on the Protection of Trade Secrets (GeschGehG) for the IT industry and the connections and pitfalls of an NDA. We use case studies to explain copyright law for software and give examples of license agreements, and then finally address the topic of FOSS.

We will present the latest developments in practice and show you the innovations in the relevant case law and legislation through many example cases.

  • Content/ structure of a contract
  • General Terms and Conditions / Individual Agreement
  • Liability for damages
  • Limitation of liability through service descriptions
  • Licensing law, rights of use, types of use, restrictions
  • Offer / Acceptance / Order Confirmation
  • Limitation of liability via general terms and conditions
  • Limitation of liability through insurance
  • License models
  • Indemnification clauses in general terms and conditions
  • Service descriptions
  • Insurances
  • Formal requirements / Powers of attorney
  • Influence of customers GTC
  • Limitation of liability by individual agreement
  • NDA
  • FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)
  • "License law", license models
  • LOI


Do. 06.06.2024

13.30 - 17.15

Do. 07.11.2024

13.30 - 17.15

Cost per participant

Unit price:

  • 160,00 Euro (net)

Package prices:

  • Modules 1 + 2/1and 2/2: 430,00 Euro (net)
  • Modules 1 + 3/1and 3/2: 430,00 Euro (net)

Your speaker

If you have any questions, please contact our contact person Mrs. Gebauer by phone or by mail.

Special features of webinars, netiquette, interaction, privacy and the use of "Zoom

We use "Zoom" for the webinars. We ask that you turn on your device's camera if possible. Interaction: The moderator allows immediate or intermittent questions directly or from the chat, which are then presented and answered in the webinar. We take a 5 minute break every 50 minutes. Speakers will be available to answer questions after the conclusion of the event. If you need a confirmation of attendance, please register with a clear name and unlock the camera. You will receive the slides in advance on the day of the event after payment has been received.

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