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Module 3.2:
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This module 3.2 deals with the sale of products via the online store. In this context, multiple contractual relationships can arise, especially when outsourcing the web store. We will discuss what needs to be taken into account when setting up an online store, which information obligations also need to be fulfilled in B2B and which contractual peculiarities apply to online platforms or the contractual designations to suppliers or customers. Of course, we will also take a look at the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO).

We will present the latest developments in practice and show you the innovations in the relevant case law and legislation through many example cases.

  • Online store outsourcing
  • GTC contents
  • Integration of GTC
  • P2B Platform Regulation
  • Liability
  • Limitation of liability
  • Commission contract
  • Inspection obligation of the platform operator
  • B2B information requirements
  • Examination procedure when objecting to content
  • Reporting obligations of the platform operator


Fr. 21.06.2024

13.30 Uhr – 15.30 Uhr

Fr. 22.11.2024

13.30 Uhr – 15.30 Uhr

Cost per participant

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  • 160,00 Euro (net)

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  • Modules 3/1and 3/2: 300,00 Euro (net)
  • Modules 1 + 3/1and 3/2: 430,00 Euro (net)

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Special features of webinars, netiquette, interaction, privacy and the use of "Zoom

We use "Zoom" for the webinars. We ask that you turn on your device's camera if possible. Interaction: The moderator allows immediate or intermittent questions directly or from the chat, which are then presented and answered in the webinar. We take a 5 minute break every 50 minutes. Speakers will be available to answer questions after the conclusion of the event. If you need a confirmation of attendance, please register with a clear name and unlock the camera. You will receive the slides in advance on the day of the event after payment has been received.

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